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**The below links for transportation, health, and dietary updates are all links to the same form.  Not all campers will need it filled out, but if you do, please fill it one time per camper.  If you do not need to update us on any of these three areas, there is no need to complete the form.  This form is due by the end of the day Saturday, July 9th.


We’re excited to offer transportation from Pfrimmer’s Chapel (505 Pfrimmers Chapel Road NE, Corydon, IN) to the campsite on Tuesday and back to Pfrimmer’s Chapel from the campsite on Saturday!  Campers must be at Pfrimmer’s Chapel by 11 a.m. to be picked up on Tuesday.  They must have a ride ready to pick them up by 11 a.m. on Saturday.  For information about dropping campers off directly at camp, please see below.

We need EACH camper to RSVP for transportation if you plan to use it either day so we know who and how many to expect.  Click here to RSVP.

The Camp Nurse is requesting that all camper medicines be turned into her upon arrival in their originally packaged bottles.  Students will go to the Nurse’s Station when they need to take their meds each day.  

If you didn’t include meds in the original application or any changes have occurred, please click here to update us on meds campers will be bringing.

If any parents would like to talk to Brandi Dohn, Camp Nurse, she’ll be at the check-in table on Tuesday or you can call the church office at (812) 738-2757 if your camper will be transported by others – the church office can get you in touch with her.

If your camper has any special health-related dietary needs, please click here to submit them.  We will do our very best to accommodate all dietary needs, but we cannot guarantee it. If there is an inability to do so, we will make an attempt to contact you.

Here are some reminders from our last post:

We ask that campers arrive at O’Bannon Woods State Park between on 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 12th. Lunch will be served after check-in.  Camp Freedom is located at the Group Camp of O’Bannon Woods State Park. The park will charge $7.00 at the entrance gate. Please ask for an admittance tag to keep in your vehicle. We hope to have final word as to whether we will offer transportation from Elizabeth and/or Corydon by this Thursday.

Click here to check out the packing list.  It is very helpful in determining what to bring, but also what to leave at home.

Cell phones are not needed. There is very limited service in the park.  If your camper needs to get in touch with you for emergencies, we will have a phone available for them.  See below if for if you need to get in touch with your camper.

Campers will be informed of their small group/tribe assignment upon arrival at camp.  We tried our best to place campers with their requested roommates, but this was not guaranteed.  Some assignments could not be made due to age differences and capacity of each group.

Shorts must be fingertip length when arms are straight down at sides. Please avoid all form fitting clothes. Tank tops of any kind are not allowed for boys or girls. Shirts that expose the midriff are not permitted. This includes halter-tops and tops with large sleeve openings. Clothing with holes and clothing that reveals underwear, buttocks, breasts, and bra straps are not allowed. Any item of apparel containing or displaying inappropriate pictures, messages, or slogans is prohibited. This dress code will be enforced at camp. We appreciate your cooperation!

We hope that emergencies don’t happen during camp, but in case they do, please call O’Bannon Woods State Park at (812) 738-8232.  You can also try my cell phone at (812) 972-8182. Please keep in mind that service is limited, but voicemails at this number will be checked in the morning and evening.

We have a really handy FAQs section on our website available here.  Scroll down to find most of the common questions we receive from parents prior to Camp Freedom.  If you have any questions not covered in that list, please reply to this e-mail or text 1-833-377-3258.


Pastor Tyler Best
Camp Director

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Camp Freedom is a Christ-centered youth camp rooted in God's Word and passionate about raising up the next generation of Christian disciples.

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